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Sea Devil 2011 Registration Form

The Lighthouse  Dinner Menu

Good Morning and Happy New Year Sea Devil Shipmates
Please read every thing, and if you have questions or comments contact Frank (Homer)  Waters at

All Hands, well shipmates here it is, time to register for the 2011 Sea Devil reunion. You will find the registration form attached, please make a copy, fill it out and return. The document will also be on the Sea Devil web site
We have opted not to offer as many tour selections for this reunion since the Mystic area offers many attractions that are within walking distance or very short distance to the hotel. The one tour being offered is of the Submarine Base, consisting of the latest Virginia dive trainer, the sub museum which we hope to gain access to the aft engineering spaces, and a stop at the submarine memorial which is memorial to all lost subs, before heading off to lunch at the Subvets club.  If access is granted and available, we will also have a submarine to tour.
Most importantly, reservations must be made at the Mystic Hilton by April 11, 2011 They will not honor our reunion price after that date.  Reservations can be make by using their WEB site or by calling them at 888-237-1366.  The Sea Devil web site also has a link to the Mystic Hilton.
I will keep an updated Excel spread sheet and send this out to keep everyone informed as to who is planning to attend the reunion, if you know of a shipmate that may not have a computer or someone that has not yet attened one of our reunions please let them know, the more attendees the better.
Your Connecticut reunion team is looking forward to having everyone here in Connecticut.
As always if you have questions or concerns you can send me an e-mail at or my phone 860-886-6444.
Thanks Frank "Homer" Waters

22 November 2010

All Hands,

The 2011 reunion is fast approaching, I would like to extend an invitation to all Sea Devil (664 & 400) shipmates. We are working on getting a tour of the subbase (bus) combined with a tour of the Virginia class diving trainer, we are trying to line up a sub tour as well.
You can now register at the Mystic Hilton by going to the link on Sea Devil or Please forward to any shipmate that you are in touch with.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion, if you have any questions or concerns about the Groton/New London or Mystic area you can contact me at We are going to make an effort to get the registration out to everyone by the middle of January.
Your 2011 reunion committee
Frank "Homer" Waters
Bill "Tiny" Tinnell
Skip Harrington
Ron Stamm

17 June 2010

All Hands

The Sea Devil reunion for 2011 is fast approaching; we have selected the dates and venue. The reunion will be held in New London/Groton Connecticut.  

The dates for the reunion are Thursday May 12th, Friday May 13th and Saturday May 14th, departing on Sunday May 15th after the Sea Devil Association business meeting.  

The venue that has been selected for the reunion is the Mystic Hilton, we believe that given it’s location it will be an ideal venue for the following reasons;  

  1. It is less approximately 200 yards to the Mystic Marine Life Aquarium, we intend to see if there will be the possibility of getting a group discount.
  2. It is about a quarter mile to the Mystic Village shopping center.
  3. In the same area are two great restaurants Steak Loft and GoFish.
  4. About a mile away is the Mystic Seaport which is an Old New England whaling village. We will also look into discount tickets.
  5. Then it is close to Mystic itself.
  6. It is also very close to 95 for easy access for getting to New London and Groton .
  7. The Mystic Hilton has/is hosting submarine reunions.
  8. And of course it is close to the casinos.

We will post registration information in September, the Mystic Hilton is going to give us a link for the Sea Devil web site.

We are looking forward to seeing all our shipmates in Connecticut . It will be late spring so the weather should be comfortable, however, as Mark Twain (I think) said if you don’t like the weather in New England wait a minute. Please contact any shipmate that you may know to make sure they know about the reunion, would love to have a record attendance.

We are going to start working on group trips for Friday and Saturday. I will be posting the reunion in the Subvets news letter.

Your Connecticut Committee

Homer Waters

 William “Tiny” Tinnell

Skip Harrington

Ron Stamm