Reunion Notes

                                                        Reunion Notes 

                     Second reunion, held in Norfolk


2005 Reunion

USS Sea Devil SSN-664 Association Business Meeting

USS SEA DEVIL (SSN 664) Association Minutes of April 17, 2005 as taken by incoming Secretary Jim Schenk.

Commander Mike Martin officially called the meeting of the USS SEA DEVIL (SSN 664) ASSOCIATION to order at 1000 hours this morning in the hospitality room set aside for our reunion by the Lake Wright Hotel.

43 members were present (some with their wives).

Some members present for the reunion had already departed or were unable to attend the Association meeting this morning.


Our current ASSOCIATION Bylaws and proposed amendments to current ASSOCIATION Bylaws were previously posted on our website


for perusal and ultimate ASSOCIATION voting on the amendments at this meeting.

Proposed Additions: Under ARTICLE VII – AMENDMENTS



Items 1 through 4 shall be held in abeyance until such time that the Board deems it necessary to reinstate a membership dues structure.”

Supporting comments: At the present time the Association collects no dues and is open to all who served onboard USS SEA DEVIL (SSN 664)


    There is no intention to operate the Association as a profit making organization and until such time that the funds necessary to maintain the Association cannot be raised by the biennial reunion functions there is no need to collect dues.


  5. “At such time in the future that the Association is unable to effectively function as an organization for the benefit of those who served onboard the USS SEA DEVIL(SSN 664), the Treasurer, or other officer who is in control of the Association funds, shall donate the total remaining funds available to an appropriate Navy or Submarine based charity or Aid Society that is established to aid and assist the families and dependents of their

appropriate constituency. The Board, as constituted at the time, shall be responsible for making the determination that the Association is no longer responsive and will be dissolved.”

 Supporting comments:  While the Association is a non-profit organization there is the possibility that monies may accumulate from the reunion functions. Provisions to properly dispose of these monies at an appropriate time, and to an activity that is consistent with the community that the Association is a part of should be adopted to provide guidance for those future officers of the Association  who may constitute the Board.

Motions for Amendments I and II were made, seconded, and unanimously agreed to by vote.


The venue for the 2007 Sea Devil SS400/SSN664 Reunion entered into open discussion tempered by parliamentary procedure.

A proposal to have the next reunion on the west coast, ie: San Diego, CA, in June or July of 2007, was proposed.

The discussion continued and began to lose forward momentum.  At this time Admiral Fountain submitted that we vote on the general area of the country, the general time frame for the reunion, and then continue with venue selection from a list of possible sites.

The members voted on proposed general location, ie: West Coast, Central USA, and East Coast.  The East Coast was voted upon for the 2007 Reunion by a majority show of hands.

The members next voted on proposed general time frame, ie: summer, fall, winter, & spring.  Spring was voted upon for the 2007 Reunion by a 90% majority show of hands.

Since the East Coast prevailed in the voting, the proposed sites for the 2007 Reunion were narrowed down to three sites: New London, CT; Norfolk, VA; and Charleston, SC; since these were places that Sea Devil SSN664 was stationed.

Norfolk received 0 votes.

New London received 11 votes.

Charleston received 32 votes.


There was a motion to hire a professional Reunion Coordinator at the discretion of the Board of Directors in case there was not enough local help for the next reunion, and it was seconded and passed.

A motion was entered and seconded to allow the new Board of Directors to choose the actual dates in the Spring (late April to early May) of 2007, dependent upon the findings of the Reunion Coordinator, and the specific venue selected.

USS SEA DEVIL SS400 crew will again be invited to attend in Charleston, SC.


The following are the majority consensus voting results for new Association Officers who will serve until the next meeting:

Commander                            Mike Cohen (72-74) relieves Mike Martin

Vice Commander                    Mike Wheeler (84-89) relieves Ken McNelly

Treasurer                                Mike Martin (70-73) continues

Secretary                                 Jim Schenk (69-72)  relieves George Boyle

George Boyle agreed to  continue to maintain the Master Roster Spreadsheet for the Secretary.

Information Officer                  Ed Lynd (68-71) continues


A discussion ensued by Mike Wheeler as to having an Association Chaplain.  Reverend Fred Brown of Minnesota was discussed but not voted on in absentia.  A motion to have new Vice Commander Mike Wheeler as Chaplain was seconded and passed by a majority show of hands.



Treasurer Mike Martin reported that all bills as of this meeting are paid in full.  The balance of Association Funds on hand is now $3,100.00.

A periodic financial report will be given to the Board of Directors as the Ship’s Store receives monies for items left on hand with  Mike Martin continuing in charge.


USSVI Eastern Regional Director

George Boyle
2541 Tarkiln Oaks Dr
Pensacola, FL 32506-8133
Ph: (850) 492-3781
(Member: Drum Base)

gave the members the following  information briefs: 

            A USSVI  Memorial Service will be held on base at King’s Bay, GA during the first week in November, 2005, and will include Trident Submarine Tours.  There is now an RV park available there.

            2007 USSVI Convention Pamphlets are available via US MAIL from George as requested. It will be aboard a cruise ship leaving from Seattle, WA, going north to Alaska, and returning to Seattle.  The cruise ship line is now taking reservations and down payments for cabins.  With enough interest, the ship will be “all USSVI”. 

The new Commander, Mike Cohen, asked for and received a round of applause from the membership for the outstanding job by the out-going officers.  This resulted in a standing ovation. 

The meeting was officially adjourned by Commander Mike Martin at 1132 hours.

To close the meeting the SS400 ship’s bell, owned by Captain Ralph Styles (commissioning CO and CO for the first 3 war patrols of the SS-400), was rung.


28 March, 2005

Ron Stamm (72-75) suggested that I send out the list of those who were attending with the thought of contacting other shipmates and urging them to attend. If you have already registered for the SSN-664 reunion, or have made the decision not to attend, please do not be offended by my continued badgering. If you have registered, take this time to check the list to make sure that I haven't missed someone. My only aim is to make as many of you aware of the progress and hope that you make the decision to join us.
  For you procrastinators who are contemplating or intend to attend; Send me, via e-mail or phone, your registration information, especially the Tee Shirt sizes as soon as possible. We are getting close to the time that I have to give final counts to the various venues.You can follow it up with the hard copy and a check by mail.
  If you do not see someone on the list that you are in contact with, take the time to get in touch with them and make your plans to meet at the reunion.
  I hope to see as many of you as possible in Norfolk.
(434) 589-8298