Reunion Notes

                                                        Reunion Notes 

                     First reunion, held in Norfolk, VA


2003 Reunion

Special Thanks to Jim Schenk & Ruth Ann Worth

March 23rd, 2003

Approximately 45 members of U.S.S. Sea Devil (SSN664) assembled in
Dominion Hall at The Lake Wright Hotel complex in Norfolk, Virginia,  to
ratify U.S.S. Sea Devil (SSN664) Association Bylaws promulgated by the
Reunion Steering Committee and forwarded to all members via email and USPS.
Reunion Chief Co-ordinator Mike "Mickey" Martin presided over the meeting
which was immediately after the buffet style Sunday Morning Brunch.  He
reminded all in attendance that he had sent a copy of the Bylaws and as
such we were all expected to have read the aforementioned.  A motion of
acceptance of the Bylaws was entered by Admiral Chabot, and was seconded by
Edward "Fast Eddie" Lynd.  The motion was unanimously passed. 
Mike Martin then digressed to inform us that there was approximately
$3,500.00 in the kitty.  There was $770.00 raised via the silent auction,
and $3,000.00 raised in the raffle.  At this time he thanked all who had
helped, and then raised a discussion regarding dues.  Someone suggested
$10.00, and another said $25.00.  The final decision was to table the dues
issue for now and possibly address it in a plebecite via the mail. 
The next order of business was the discussion of another  reunion.  The
venue and time frame was discussed.  Jesse Byars intoned that as time goes
on we will locate many more shipmates west of the Mississippi and that
possibly a midwest or west coast venue might be wise in order for more
long-distance parties to attend.  Three sites were suggested, Branson,
Missouri, Charleston, South Carolina, and Norfolk, Virginia.  The
discussion veered to where the SS400 may be having their next reunion so as
to have a simultaneous reunion as this one had been.  The idea was spoken
that as the SS400 crew ages, there will be less incentive for them to have
their own reunions and that we would cover for their predictable frailties
and automatically invite them to ours to henceforth continue as a joint
celebration.  John Flynn then made a motion to have the next reunion in
Norfolk, Virginia, and possibly at The Lake Wright Hotel again.  Edward
Lynd seconded the motion and it was agreed on by majority rule.   The time
frame was voted on to be in the latter part of April 2005 so there would be
warmer weather for the aging and still be out of the peak tourist season of
Memorial Day until Labor Day.  Mike Martin was again selected by a show of
hands to be the Chief Co-ordinator at the next reunion, which he agreed
upon with the stipulation that the same volunteers helped again, and they
all agreed. 
George Boyle, who has diligently been the keeper of the address
spreadsheet, was again assigned the task of keeping the address information
current.  The assembly was reminded to contact George with any changes that
may come to pass in the ensuing years to the next reunion.
The next order of business was the election of officers as stated in the
Bylaws.  The installations are as follows:  Commander.....Mike Martin,
nominated by Edward Lynd and seconded by Jesse Byars;  Vice
Commander.....Ken McNelly, nominated by Mike Martin, and seconded by Edward
Lynd;  Secretary.....George Boyle (in absentia), nominated by John Flynn
and seconded by Captain Blaha;  as per the Bylaws it was recommended that
Mike Martin continue as Treasurer until such time that all business was
brought up to date and all present agreed---Treasurer.....Mike Martin with
Paul Galligan as auditor; The current bank account is located in Palmyra,
Virginia and is in the name of Mike Martin at this time.    Public
Information Officer.....Edward. Lynd, nominated by Mike Martin and seconded
by James Schenk.
In closing remarks Commander Martin again thanked the staff of The Lake
Wright Hotel, all of the volunteers that helped make this first reunion a
success, and thanked all that had attended.  He then threw out the
challenge to each person in the room finding at least one more shipmate
before commencement of the next reunion.
The meeting notes were collected by Ruth Worth and transcribed by me.  
Signed and dated this date,

James Schenk