Reunion Notes


                                              2015 Reunion




                                                              29 April 2015

I believe, and hope, that all who attended had a great time. Some came early and visited with friends and old neighbors from all over,

while others stayed late to enjoy the Florida sunshine.

Pat and I stayed late and just missed the tornado going through Georgia on our way home.

A tractor trailer ahead of us wasn't so lucky - a tree fell on the cab and smashed the windshield.


This reunion was a time in my life I will never forget. The talent of all my shipmates astounds me.

We were young and restless in our younger years and have become talented beyond all measurer.  

It has been a pleasure to know and work with many of you and to have served as your commander (for as little as I had to do over the past 2 years).


Once again, thanks to the talent and knowhow of Steve Oscher and the Team Sea Devil Ladies, we had a wonderful reunion.  

Thanks to all who showed personally their appreciation for all their hard work. They truly went above and beyond.


I hope to see you all in 2017.


Pat and Jim Seacord


25  MARCH  2015


 Just a quick update.

Two things.

Thing #1:

We’ve been getting a good response on the two optional events: Rick’s on the River and the Tampa Tour.

Please let us know your plans as there may be space limitations for the Tampa Tour.


Thing #2:

A question has been raised as to any dress code for our scheduled events.

Tampa is usually warm with high 70’s/low 80’s during the day with mid 60’s at night.

Tampa is also a fairly casual community.

That said:

 Busch Gardens…….shorts and tank tops for those under 25…the rest of you…whatever.

 Florida Aquarium…we’ll be on the boat before dinner…casual attire is clearly appropriate…in fact, at the risk of upsetting my wife (Teresa) who wouldn’t be caught dead with me wearing one of my [very comfortable and (to me) attractive] shirts….and in keeping with the Florida location…we’ll have a contest (with a real prize) for the loudest/wildest Tropical shirt.

 MacDill…again casual attire is appropriate...remember we’ll be having lunch on a beach area of the base.

 Columbia…more upscale but still casual attire is appropriate…I would suggest if the men wear jackets…they’ll be in a minority.

 Warmest regards to all,


20 MARCH 2015


Volunteers Please contact Jim at



Hi all!

I want to introduce myself, my name is Jenny and I work in Steve’s office. I, along with Dawne and Tara, will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about the reunion or Tampa!

I am keeping track of all registration forms that have come in (thank you!) and have been able to contact most of you regarding MacDill access. I have gotten replies from most, but am still missing some. If you have registered for our event at MacDill I need some information from you (ASAP). If you have not already done so, please send me your driver’s license number and the state it was issued. If you have military ID, that is sufficient.    Steve asked that I send the message below J

Y’all (a term frequently used in these parts…for clarification think “all hands”),


This is the first email specifically intended for our registered participants.

Let me give y’all some detail of our expected daily plans (subject to modification as needed).


I understand that we’re looking forward to spending time together and catching up which is why I’ve left open time on Thursday night and Friday until late afternoon. That said…………just in case you’d like to fill in your itinerary:


There are two “events” that were not included in the list of registered activities that y’all may want to think about and let me know whether you want to participate.


The first will be a dinner Thursday evening around 7:30 or so after we return from Busch Gardens. After a very short walk from the hotel…we will get on board a water taxi ($15/person round trip) that will take us to a quaint marina-bar-grille…( It’s a fun place with good food and tons of personality.

If you’re interested please let me know since we have to make arrangements for the water taxi.


The second will be a guided Tour of Tampa on Friday between 10:00-1:00…details are still being discussed but the cost will be $26/person and will be available to the first 40 folks.

If you’re interested please let me know.




Busch Gardens:

·       Leave the Embassy Suites around 12:00.

·       The bus is currently scheduled to make two trips back to the hotel at 4:30 and 5:30.


OPTIONAL : Ricks on the River (see above)




OPTIONAL : Tour of Tampa (see above)



·       Boat will leave dock near the Embassy Suites at 6:00

·       Harbor cruise…return to Aquarium around 7:30

·       Dinner/reception at the Aquarium

·       Comments by Admiral Meis

·       Return to Embassy Suites around 10:00




MacDill AFB:

·       Leave Embassy Suites around 9:30

·       Briefing at US Central Command at 10:00

·       Lunch at SeaScapes- beach area….hamburgers/hot dogs

·       Briefing at US Special Operations Command

·       Base tour by BGen Diehl

·       Return to Embassy Suites around 3:45-4:00


Columbia Restaurant:

·       Leave Embassy Suites around 6:30-6:45

·       Dinner around 7:45

·       Comments by MGen Horst (recently retired Chief of Staff at CENTCOM)

·       Flamenco show

·       Return to Embassy Suites around 10:30-11:00




Business meeting:

·       Decide on location for Sea Devil’s Reunion in 2017

·       Farewells

Have a great weekend and please do not hesitate with any questions!


Jenny Eber


Oscher Consulting, P.A.

One Tampa City Center

201 North Franklin Street Suite 3150

Tampa, Florida 33602

(813) 229-8250 phone

(813) 229-8674 fax


Unless otherwise indicated or obvious from the nature of the transmittal, the information contained in this message is privileged and/or confidential and is intended solely for the use of the addressee. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or the employee or agent responsible to deliver it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication or any of the information in it is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please advise the sender by reply e-mail and then delete the message. Thank you.



         All, just to confirm, as requested,

         I have spoken to Jess Essex to see if he will sing the National Anthem on          

         Saturday night......

         He has agreed. Thank you Jess!



Sea Devil Reunion 3/12/15..250-300

All hands,

We’re now 35 days away.


The hotel will be closing off the special Sea Devil Reunion rate next week on March 17th.

There are some rooms remaining at the $116 rate for the 17th and 18th …if you’re looking for the 16th, there were 2 or 3 at our rate last Friday.

I did inquire about rates after the 17th of March and their response was the per night rate would be $289. Other than reinforcing our special rate, it suggests that if you want to attend but are waiting for whatever reason you may have to look outside the downtown area for a more reasonable rate.

Attached are the registration forms as well as an updated list of who’s attending and who indicated they would be attending or were likely to attend (and a few undecided).

That said, this will be a fun weekend for all.


Steven S Oscher


12 February 2015

Note #1 RSVP will be announced on the next (March) Reunion Reminder

Note #2  Any special paper work required by individules for entrance to special sections of Mac Dill Air Force Base will also be announced on March Reunion reminder.

Message #1


Our hotel site is below (we have a terrific rate, but understandably, it’s only being guaranteed until March 17th…1 month before our Reunion). Our rate includes a full breakfast and (while we’ll still have our own Sea Devil hospitality suite) Embassy Suites evening Happy Hour. Our special rate will be honored from the 15th-21st.


If you’re planning on coming in early…great…but an FYI…when one of our shipmates tried to get the special rate on the 15th they were told there were no more rooms at that rate. The hotel apparently wasn’t expecting that many folks to arrive early. They immediately fixed the issue BUT it serves as areminder…while our rates are exceptional, and the hotel has been great to work with, our guarantee is only through March 17th.


Message #2


Quick update on our Thursday afternoon 16th at Busch Gardens… the President of Busch Gardens will host a reception for us when we arrive for an initial presentation and welcome with snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. We will then have access to the entire park….where they will be happy if you choose to purchase adult beverages on your own.


Message #3


While additional details are still in progress, we have confirmed our dinner speaker on Friday evening at the Florida Aquarium will be one of our own shipmates, Admiral Rich Meis.


On Saturday after our day at MacDill at the Central Command and the Special Operations Command, we have confirmed our dinner speaker will be MGeneral Karl Horst, recently retired Chief of Staff under General Mattis at Central Command.



Message #4


In the for-whatever-its-worth column…Tampa’s skies are clear today although we’re struggling to get up to 70 degrees.

April will be a fantastic month to visit…average highs 84 average lows 59.

Warmest regards (pun intended…again),



   YES there are discussions in the wind…and a framework is developing. 

    As information becomes available we will be sure to post it.......

   and don't forget to check in at the Facebook page for updates

               Disney World   Sea World Universal Busch Gardens Legoland :-)              

 The dates will be Thursday April 16th through Sunday April 19th, 2015. 

Thursday…evening…for those interested…welcome dinner…place to be determined.

 Friday…day…tour MacDill AFB…visit/briefing…home of Central Command and Special Operations Command.   Lunch on base at Beach Club…dinner to be determined.

 Saturday…day…tour Florida Aquarium…boat tour of Tampa Bay.

Dinner/banquet…the Columbia Restaurant…speaker TBD

 Sunday…bye-bye….hopefully folks will want to take advantage of the many opportunities Central Florida has to offer.

                                                        THANKS TO:  Steve Oscher & The Steering Committee

                       "  ..........not unlike Sea Devil's assigned mission.......   s_ _t happens and the planned activities are subject to change."